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Tuesday, the 8th of June 2004, the planet Venus passed in front of the sun. A lot of people world-wide saw a little black spot moving in front of the sun : a transit.

Discover on this web site many documents about Venus, often considered as a "twin sister" to the Earth, and Venus Express.

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  • Venus Express launch postponed several days
  • Venus Express ready for lift-off
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    Pics of the transit of Venus 8 June 2004 ! Click here to relive this rare event.

    Last files :
  • Venus Express : Venus, world of mysteries
  • Once in a lifetime : the Venus transit 2004
  • Venus : a volcanic planet
  • Venus elongation measurements for the Transit of Venus
  • Astronomical unit calculation linked to the transit of Venus

  • 24/06 NEW Discover the final results of the AU calculation and goodies for the fans of this beauty: movies, pictures ... Click here !

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