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Venus Express : Venus, world of mysteries
Venus Express will be ESA's first mission to Earth's nearest planetary neighbour, Venus. The mission was born after ESA asked for proposals, in March 2001, suggesting how to reuse the design of the Mars Express spacecraft. Read more

Once in a lifetime : the Venus transit 2004
On 8 June 2004, you will be able to witness an astronomical event no living person has seen, a transit of Venus. Read more

Venus : a volcanic planet
Venus is a fascinating planet with respect to geology, since its size is comparable to that of the Earth: its diameter is 12 104 km, versus 12 756 km for our home planet. Read more

Venus elongation measurements for the Transit of Venus
Worldwide educational activities related to the Transit of Venus, are involving students in measurement of the Radius of the Earth, the maximum elongation of Venus, refining observational methods for accurate timing etc.. Read more

Astronomical unit calculation linked to the transit of Venus
dossier anglais calculs Read more

Measuring the astronomical unit, observation methodologies
Méthode en anglais Read more

The transit of Venus: a stroke of luck for teachers
The transit of Venus across the face of the Sun in June 8, 2004 comes as a gift for teachers of physics, mathematics, history and modern languages looking for a subject capable of appealing to their pupils. Read more

Predictions for the 2004 Transit of Venus
The transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun is among the rarest of planetary alignments. The last transit occurred 120 years ago in 1882, while the next one takes place on 2004 June 08. Read more

Anders Planman's Observations of both eighteenth century transits of Venus
Anders Planman (1724–1803) was an outstanding Swedish astronomer and professor of natural philosophy in the University of Turku (Ĺbo, Finland), primarily engaged with the problem of the solar parallax. Read more

The enigma of Jeremiah Horrocks
Jeremiah Horrocks predicted and then observed the 1639 transit of Venus. From this observation he deduced a value for the Sun's distance, which was four times greater than hitherto thought. Read more

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