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Venus Express enters orbit around the Hothouse Planet
This morning, at the end of a 153-day and 400-million km cruise into the inner Solar System beginning with its launch on 9 November 2005, ESA’s Venus Express space probe fired its main engine at 09:17 CEST for a 50-minute burn, which brought it ... Read more

Venus Express launch postponed several days
During the final preparations for the launch of the European Space Agency’s Venus Express spacecraft by a Soyuz-Fregat launcher, contamination was detected inside the launcher’s fairing. Starsem and ESA have therefore decided to carry out ... Read more

Venus Express ready for lift-off
ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft is to be launched on a Soyuz-Fregat launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Wednesday 26 October at 06:43 CEST (04:43 GMT, 10:43 local time). Venus Express is Europe’s first mission to Venus, a ... Read more

Venus Express arrives in Baikonur
Blazing hot temperatures welcomed ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft as it arrived at the Yubileiny airport of the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on Sunday morning, 7 August. The shipment, including the spacecraft and all the complex equipment ... Read more

Venus Express Italian Day on 4 October
To mark completion of the assembly of the Venus Express spacecraft, Alenia Spazio is holding a Venus Express Day on 4 October in Turin, Italy, in cooperation with Astrium SAS and the European Space Agency. Venus Express is the first European ... Read more

Last news about the transit and the results
In the morning of June the 8th, the Venus planet passed in front of the Sun. The Venus transit has taken place for the first time for 122 years and it will not happen again before 2012. 80.000 people from all over the world attended this show on ... Read more

Safety Precautions to observe the transit of venus
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS TO OBSERVE THE TRANSIT OF VENUS (Excerpt from “Vénus devant le Soleil”, Vuibert/Adapt, 2003 - translated for Futura-sciences). Never look at the Sun directly with the naked eye. Systematically check to see if your ... Read more

Major event in Frogenrparken
The historic transit of Venus on June 8, 2004 will be celebrated with a major event in one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. The public can experience the transit with eclipse glasses, telescopes and live images from several locations around ... Read more

Information concerning the future events of the website
It is very important to use measurements taken by observers located at different north-south latitudes and if possible, in opposite hemispheres. An observer situated in Paris and another in Berlin will not be far enough apart for the ... Read more

A new calculation of the astronomical unit using Venus transit
Venus will transit in front of the sun the 8th of June 2004. It will allow once again to calculate the value of the astronomical unit ( AU ). This is actually estimated at 149,6 millions of kilometers ( 93 millions of miles ... Read more

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