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A new calculation of the astronomical unit using Venus transit
Par Sébastien Collignon - Futura-Sciences, le 24/03/2004 22h11

Venus will transit in front of the sun the 8th of June 2004. It will allow once again to calculate the value of the astronomical unit ( AU ).

This is actually estimated at 149,6 millions of kilometers ( 93 millions of miles ).

Futura-Sciences created to co-ordinate the capacity to calculate the AU world-wide.

Vé joined scientific organizations such as IMCCE, Paris Observatory, Cote d’Azur Observatory). These organizations decided a long time ago to use Venus transit to calculate the astronomical unit.
Recents partnerships between and some websites whish have common interests for Venus transit ( PGJ Astronomie, Interstars,PanetAstronomy,Venusovergang ) were done to promote a collaborative work between the astronomers located world-wide.

Nehru Planetarium , New Delhi, India :

A new important partnership has been confirmed with the Nehru Planetarium of New Delhi, India.
As a reminder, the calculation of the astronomical unit needs to have two distant observers.
This partnership will allow Indian observers and people located in the northern hemisphere to share their results.

The accuracy of the AU calculation will depend on the amount of observers registered.

We invite observatories, astronomy clubs and associations, schools, teachers, independent astronomers ….to register at and participate in this exceptional event !

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